Computers and technology have been a crucial aspect of my life. I have relished every opportunity that I have had to study computing at a school, or to learn more about IT through a hands-on approach of experimenting with computers and technology myself.

The IT world is an endlessly complex one that is continually changing, with each advance bringing with its countless new possibilities to benefit mankind and the societies that we live in.

My passion for computers and technology can be put to use not just for my own personal fulfillment, but for the benefit of organizations that could use my skills and experience to streamline business processes.

Having immersed myself in the world of computers for 30 plus years, I have been honored to learn everything from operating systems, networks, network security, computer hardware, programming languages and development, dev ops, cloud computing and much more. I am fully aware of the complexities of all these areas, and as a consequence I believe that it is essential for anyone who aspires to work in IT to have undertaken the sort of rigorous studies whether it be a computer school to a computer science degree.

I lead an active and busy life outside of my work and always look forward every day to the latest and greatest technology available to me and the world.

By faith, I seek wisdom when setting the vision and goals for a company when facing difficult decisions. I believe in seeking truths outside of myself and respect other’s pursuit of the same. I believe that faith creates a balanced life and impacts those around me in a positive way. I believe that through faith I can find confidence and direction in all our daily decisions.

My colleagues are one of the greatest and most overlooked assets of any organization. We are the problem-solvers and achievers that cultivate a driven culture of success. I always listen and collaborate with my colleagues in an effort towards continuous personal improvement. I always show respect for all individuals regardless of own views or convictions.

Now we come to humility. Because we all know it’s far from easy sharing new ideas and opportunities with someone that exudes an unhealthy dose of pride when, seemingly, they already know everything. I believe that when I have an accurate, modest view of own self, I know that I will always be opened to learning new things and growing in all areas. When I am humble, I am opened to listening. This demonstrates an openness to others that welcomes trust and builds lasting relationships. I believe that no one person alone is more important than the sum of all the team players, which is why I will always encourage a “one-team” attitude and spirit.

I am very proud and grateful for all the opportunities and wisdom that has been given to me since my computing passion began and sit on edge to see what technology comes next.